About Us

As a creative idea in 2012, finally became established in October of 2019, the Motown Roller Club was created within the Detroit roller sport community as an outlet to magnify the roller sport presence and opportunities specifically here in the Detroit area. 

The Motown Roller Club name soon became a worldwide hit, reaching countries all across the world. It was established that the company needed to continue to enhance the roller sport presence in the area, as others from all over had requested to be educated, and entertained. 

Our company focuses on providing up to date services, products, and sport education through professional skaters, instructors, and those specific to the trade. The company works together with community activists to plan events throughout the local area that extend to its various roller sport facilities, and, outdoor areas and venues. 

Throughout the years, our company has had the opportunity to work with global and local partners, such as Propel® and the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, to bring back activities pertaining to roller sports in the Detroit and metropolitan areas.