The Top Must Visit Roller Skating Spots in Detroit This Summer!

The Top Must Visit Roller Skating Spots in Detroit This Summer!


Photo: Sammie Nolasco (@samwahdoesphotography)

Detroit has notoriously been known for many staple elements in modern society. From music, to art, to fashion and more, many know Detroit as a place of originality. 

When it comes to roller skating, Detroit once again fits the mold for having one of the most diverse and open roller sport inclusions across the globe. Each and every year, national events, competitions, and gatherings happen in Detroit, revolving around roller skating and roller sports in general. 

For 2021, Detroit has seen an influx in new roller sport enthusiasts. However,  even though Detroit has always had a roller sport presence, more now flock to the activity now that the internet has boosted its popularity. 

From indoor to outdoor, here are a few places you can go roll in the Detroit area:


The Wednesday Night Ride + Skate Lesson (Indoor)



The Wednesday Night Ride 🔥🌹, address pinned in comments below! ##rollerskating ##rollerskate ##detroit ##motownrollerclub ##detroitrollerskating ##fyp

♬ original sound - Motown Roller Club

    Skatin' Station II is home to the "Wednesday Night Workout" and the "Wednesday Night Ride". Every week on Wednesdays, from 8-9 PM there is a learn to skate segment at the roller rink that teaches skill levels from beginner, all the way to advanced. From 9 PM - 12 AM, there is an adult only skating session that takes place, with a combination of new and old-school music, where you can practice your new found skills. The instructors stay over into session to help students work on their progress. Skate rental is available if needed as well. 


8611 Ronda Dr, Canton, MI 48187


The Detroit River Walk (Outdoor)



Detroit Riverwalk skate meetup! First Tuesday of every month! 🌊 ☀️ ##TikTokTaughtMe ##fyp ##MagicMoment ##detroit ##rollerskate ##michigan

♬ Fast - Sueco the Child


 Extending down the length of the Detroit river, the river walk provides smooth surfaces to travel on, along with other attractions, rest areas, food places, and also beverage options for those 21 and older in certain areas.

Each year, there is a annual meetup that brings together the roller sport community of Detroit down at the River Walk, and this year, it is set for August 3rd at 7:00 PM. 


Rollout Detroit, Monroe Street Midway (Outdoor)



Rolling downtown with the Rollercade and Local 4 🔴 at the Monroe St. Midway for Fitness Fridays! ##rollerskating ##detroit ##michigan ##motownrollerclub

♬ original sound - Motown Roller Club

 Skate under the city lights at the Monroe Street Midway, an outdoor roller rink right in the heart of Downtown Detroit. This summer experience was put together by Bedrock Detroit and the Rollercade, one of the longest standing roller rinks in the country, right here in southwest Detroit! This installation runs until September of 2021.

Every day has a themed session in the evening, and open family format through the day. There are also lesson time frames, to learn at the rink with others while there is no skating session. From Movement Mondays, R&B Tuesdays, and Throwback Thursdays, You can purchase tickets and get directions at:


The Cass Ave. Corridor (Outdoor)



Skating outside this summer? We got you covered! 💨☀️😎##rollerskating ##rollerskate ##fyp ##detroit ##michigan ##motown



 Right in the heart of Wayne State University, Cass Ave. is one of the smoother and less populated roads to street skate on. This is a good place for beginner skaters transitioning into intermediate level skating may feel comfortable first trying to street skate. There are places to stop along the way, so taking a break, or a few, won't be difficult! 


The Dequindre Cut Greenway (Outdoor)




Detroit Summer Skate Spots Pt. 2: The Dequindre Cut Greenway! ☀️ ##michigan ##detroit ##rollerskating ##detroitrollerskating ##motownrollerclub

♬ Clock It - Clutch


 Located between the Detroit Riverfront and Eastern Market, the Dequindre Cut Greenway is 2 miles of paved pathway that connects the two locations to each other. The pathway is popular amongst runners, bike riders, and those just trying to have somewhere to hangout and enjoy the artwork. There are benches and parts that are clear from the pathway to practice or just take a break. 


The Lexus Velodrome (Indoor)



They told us this wasn’t on the FYP. 🤷‍♂️ ##FYP ##tiktokrestarea ##rollerskating ##rollerskate ##detroit

♬ You Little Beauty - FISHER

 Normally a bike racing facility, this dome off of I-75 and Mack hosts a weekly skate night for roller skaters and roller bladers. Every Tuesday from 8-11 PM, you can skate in the Velodrome and also rent skates if needed. The floor is a smooth concrete, as to where any type of wheel will be good for this surface. Outdoor wheels will tend to grip a little more, but a harder indoor wheel will work as well!

An added note, from the host Andrea, "We have pool noodles!".


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